Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Birthday! A child’s most awaited and amazing day, with high expectations of lots of gifts and amazing party with all the friends invited. 

Celebrating your kid’s birthday is no doubt a fun occasion and a bit challenging, at the same time, in terms of selecting the right gift so your child feels happy and truly special. Well as parents it’s a lot to do! With so many options available on the market in terms of card and board games, puzzles, electronic toys, dolls, soft toys, activity and educational games, fancy stationary items, it often becomes a daunting task to pick up just the right stuff for your child. 
Here are some interesting gift ideas to help you in this process:
Well, here the plus point is that you won’t have to differentiate between a girl or a boy. The best gifts for this age group are the toys that move and make sounds and are visually appealing as these will keep your child engaged for longer duration and are also good for their cognitive and motor skills. Soft toys are also a good option to encourage the child’s prosocial behavior.
These little minds are really fast at grasping things, hence keeping them involved into learning is great and both activity and educational games score 1010 on this.
You can easily choose from sorting toys, blocks, ring stacker, modeling clay, soft balls, puzzles, musical toys; and if you want to go for books you can opt from picture books, coloring books and puzzle books.
These gifts are not only educational but also add fun to the whole learning process - and children grasp things faster when it’s fun to learn. Playhouses and play vehicles are other interesting options.
4-6 years 
At this age, they can be introduced to basic board games like color sorting and easy puzzles etc. Modeling clay, puppets and dolls for girls are also good options. You can gift your cute little monster a plastic shovel set (after this be ready for digs everywhere in your lawn and backyard and in your plant pots) chuckles!! You can also get them a tricycle with a helmet but make sure they ride it under your supervision. Your little princess will surely love things like, a pink tricycle, threading sets, dolls house or a kitchen sets.
6-9 years
This age group enjoys and is keen to discover new things but you need to be conscious in your gift selection as girls and boys of this age group have diverse tastes: 
Boys: Bicycle with helmet, construction toys, action figures, electronic toys like remote control cars etc, video games, sports equipment, skates, swimming gear, science projects, board games are interesting options.
Girls:  Bicycles, skates, fashion/dress up dolls, doll house, craft kits, beading kits, non-toxic makeup kits, and fairytales books are some of their want-to-haves.  
9-12 years
This age group is known as pre-teen group, and the interests cultivated at this stage normally stay with them life-long.
Boys: Sports equipment, advance construction sets, jigsaw(3D), art and craft supplies, chess and other strategy games, model kits, science kits, board games like Monopoly etc., musical instruments and books of science and fiction are highly popular among boys.
Girls:  Sports equipment, puzzles, dress designing kits, art and craft supplies, strategy games, model and science kits, DIY (do it yourself) kits and musical instruments like Piano, Guitar etc. will be good options for girls of this age group.
If these ideas aren’t enough you can always go to specialized gifting sites like Funzoop to explore various personalized gifting options or can call them for guidance. 
Twinkle-twinkle little stars parents still wondering what to gift like it’s a war (chuckles)
Happy gifting!!