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If you're looking for a simple yet essential way to add a touch of celebration to any cake, then cake candles are the perfect addition! Whether a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, adding cake candles is a simple yet effective way to make the moment feel festive. With the variety of candles available, you can customize your cake to match your party's theme or color scheme.
Shop from our range of beautiful candles in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and add some extra sparkle to your celebration!


39 products found in Party Candles

Happy Birthday Glitter Candle - Available Colors: Golden/ Silver/ Pink/ Blue
  • Rs. 160.00
Metallic Happy Birthday Cake Candles Set [Colors: Golden, Silver, Purple, Pink and Red]
  • Rs. 100.00
Happy Birthday Black Assorted Candles Set [10 Pcs]
  • Rs. 150.00
Mixed Polka Party Candles - Assorted Colors [12 Pcs]
  • Rs. 125.00
Chrome Number Candle [Colors - Golden & Rose Gold] - Available in Digits 0 - 9
  • Rs. 0.00
Sparkle Birthday Candles Set (6 Pcs)
  • Rs. 150.00
Birthday Glitter Number Cake Candle [Golden/ Silver / Pink / Blue] available in digits 0 to 9
  • Rs. 85.00
Spiral Chrome Cake Candles 6 Pcs
  • Rs. 75.00
Chrome Number Cake Candles [0-9 digits]
  • Rs. 80.00
Topper Number Cake Candles [0-9 digits]
  • Rs. 80.00
Happy Birthday Star Shaped Chrome Candles Set [3 Pcs]
  • Rs. 120.00
Happy Birthday Heart Shaped Chrome Candles Set [3 Pcs] - Assorted Colors
  • Rs. 120.00
Mermaid Tail Shape Birthday Candles Set [3 Pcs]
  • Rs. 120.00
Frozen Theme Birthday Candles Set [3 Pcs]
  • Rs. 120.00
Jungle Animals Theme Birthday Candle [1 Pcs]
  • Rs. 100.00
Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Candle
  • Rs. 150.00
Superheroes Theme Cake Candles (5 pcs) - Available for Spider-man, Superman, Captain America and as a Mixed Pack
  • Rs. 120.00
Decorative Candles Set with Stand
  • Rs. 300.00