Gift Wrapping- Things to Keep in Mind

When talking about occasions we tend to plan gifts for a birthday or maybe a return gift or on some other festive occasions. And these gifting and wrapping up the gifts can be a pain at times and you can’t rush to a shop to get your gifts wrapped each time, right? Since everyone isn’t expert with all the tricks and techniques, So here we are with yet another important discussion about do’s and do not’s about gift wrapping. Everything has it’s do’s and do not’s and so does the gift wrapping and here are some easy and finger tips so keep in mind when wrapping a gift!! Which won’t make you an expert in a go but for sure you will know better tricks, you see!!


● Neat and sharp wraps ups

Make sure you are wrapping neat and clean with no excessive paper and tape; make the creases sharp and edgy. Use paper wraps instead of glossy and shiny ones as they tend to tear up and give a messy look. Clean and crisp edges make it look well done!

● Creativity is the key to success

Get creative with the wrapping add bows and flowers or some decorative stickers at the edges. Make it a fun project. Use multiple ribbons with different colors, tags and stick-ons to make it look amazing.

● Correct placing

This is an important thing to know, the correct placing of the gift is mandatory as you won’t want it falling when opened nor should it be popping out from corners. You need to place the gift box in between facing the ceiling and wrap from there on.

● Scraps go handy

Save the leftovers! These leftovers and scraps can be very useful when looking for decorative toppers, they can be easily used and bent as the size of paper is comfortable enough to be chopped. 

● Go double (tape)

These tapes can be a messy thing at times! Uneven stick-outs etc. would make your well-done gift ugly. So we have a better suggestion go double tape, double tapes are easy to use and give clean and sophisticated packing which is even easy to open.

Now since we have enough Do’s let’s have  a quick  glimpse at DO NOT’s 

● Don’t get papery

Be very wise with the paper work, don’t make it very papery on the name of decoration and creativity. Keep the use of paper limited and clean.

● Don’t be afraid 

Don’t be afraid to work all by yourself, don’t get clumsy. Be confident about your gift and efforts in wrapping it. Experiment! nothing will blow off here (chuckles!!) give layering to your gifts.

● Don’t involve pets 

Well, all pets are cute until they jump into your work and ruin your efforts! (well speaking of personal experience). So, I would suggest to keep your pets away or simply keep your work away from their reach (that’s better I suppose!) involvement of pets can ruin and destroy your efforts and you will have to start working from square one! No one enjoys that now so don’t involve your pets.

● Tag #hashtag!

Don’t forget to tag your gifts immediately because you wouldn’t want a mess over the gifts and reopening it to see what’s for whom. Well tagging your gifts immediately will be a great help

And now since you know the basics tricks, on you go

Happy gifting and happy wrapping them too!(chuckles)