Party Etiquette for the Host and the Guests

While parties are always great fun, however at times we may find ourselves in uncomfortable situations due to lack of proper etiquette. Here are few do’s and don’ts for the hosts and the guests to avoid these situations and to handle them if at all these arise: 

 If you are a Host
- Be the showstopper of your party
With this I don’t really mean that you actually need to become a fashion diva showstopper but rather be the “life” of your own party, as a host you play a role of expert from getting people mingled up to taking keeping care of everyone’s needs. It’s your job to keep everyone connected and don’t wait for guests to introduce on their own as its really rude and awkward. Be sporty and energetic because if host is happy everyone is happy.
 - Be calm and composed
At times you might encounter some early guest or uninvited guest or kids, that is the time to make sure you don’t lose your calm and handle it simply with a smile rather than making it a big issue. Be gracious and accept the apologies rather than making a public fuss.
 -Watch your drinks
Well, being a host or a hostess means added responsibility of taking drinks in moderation - you can offer drinks to your guests but surely can’t to yourself as you can’t afford to be drunk at your own party to put your guests into discomfort. 
 - Dress appropriately
Being the host, you certainly deserve to look great; perhaps the queen or king royal. But also keep in mind not to get yourself in an uncomfortable outfit or pair of shoes, as you need to move around to serve your guests and anything uncomfortable can bound you! Be stylish yet comfortable!
 - Leave the mess for later!
Focus on guests and not the mess; leave it for later. From glasses to empty bottles to paper napkins you need to resist the urge to clean them right away. The best way to avoid a lot of such mess is to keep boxes for garbage, bottles and dirty dishes which can be collected later.
Here we end with some basic tips for you as a host, these are basic and carry much importance perhaps these shall be at your finger tips!!
If you are a Guest
 - Respond!
As a guest the first important thing to do is ‘respond’, whatever it may be; whether it is a text message or simply a mail you should respond as it gets easier for your host to manage food and drinks in the right quantity. 
 - Show a little more appreciation 
Appreciating someone isn’t a rocket science; It’s just about small positive gestures and a few words. You can also show your appreciation and gratitude by bringing your host a gift, flowers or a bottle of wine or champagne! And if it is around a festival, you can always come up with festive gifts and sweets
 - Being well timed is the key!
It can get really awkward for you as well as your host if you turn up before time, you never know that your host might probably be busy with the last-minute check. I am sure you wouldn’t like to bump into such situation. It is also rude to arrive at the fag end of the party when the food has already been served.
 - Be friendly
While you might not know every person your host has invited but that certainly doesn’t mean that you should just sit back in a corner and be to yourself. Get up and talk and introduce and enjoy.
 - Exit Graciously
The other important thing to remember is take a leave gracefully as it may not be practically possible for you to say goodbye to everyone when at a large gathering. Don’t announce your departure as it interrupts other guests and they might start wondering if it’s time to leave. Take an exit by simply greeting your host and thanking him/her; and you can always follow up by calling them later.
So go ahead and party hard!