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Whether you are looking for an artsy, romantic, glamorous, fairy-tale like decor or something very subtle - balloon decoration is one of the hottest trends right now.

Browse our collection of decor portfolio, then mix and match to choose the perfect look for your party. We have a large variety of helium inflated balloon bunches in Chrome, Metallic, Solid, Polka, Heart and Printed balloons in vivid colors; and unique and creative decor ideas for for all ages, styles and tastes that cater to your every need.


2 products found in Bunches & Ceiling Balloons Collection

Chrome Balloons Bunch - 5 Helium Inflated Latex Balloons [BN07] : Available in 6 colors - Golden, Silver, Pink, Purple, Blue and Green
  • Rs. 400.00
Ceiling Decor Chrome Latex Balloons Bunch - 10 Helium Inflated Balloons [BNM09] : Available Golden/Silver/Dark Blue/Black
  • Rs. 1,100.00